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What is jpm2java ?

JPM2Java (Java Persistence Mapping to Java) is a simple persistence code generator which generates code that uses Java Persistence API (JPA). In short the project aims to automate the process of writing persistence entity classes and also generates helper services which help in persisting this classes to a datastore.

This project aims to

  1. Define an Object/Relation XML mapping called JPM (Java Persistence API mapping). In many cases it an extension to the existing Object/Relation mapping (orm.xml) defined by JPA.
  2. A jpm2java compiler/source generator that generates persistence classes by reading the above JPM & ORM files.
  3. Optionally generate persistence.xml
  4. Optionally generate utility classes that helps with persisting the above generated entity classes.
  5. May provide an extension to the above compiler that supports other persistence mapping files like hbm.xml

Project Announcements

  1. A stable binary named Technology Preview 3 is now available for download from the download page.new
  2. This project is under inception, comments suggestions welcome.
    1. For developers the source code has a testable proof of concept that you can play with.
    2. For end users, the technology preview drop 3 provides a stable binary along with some samples JPA orm.xml to play with.

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